Le Rose


Evoca i profumi di una volta ma in chiave moderna in cui la rosa viene alleggerita ma allo stesso tempo esaltata dal sandalo delle Indie e dal sempre moderno e magico muschio bianco.

Like the perfect cocktail, the perfect dress, or the perfect sunset, a perfect rose perfume need not be loud, or flashy, or bogged down by excess detail. Instead, it needs only to be pure, delicate, and true to the subtleties of the queen of all flowers. Le Rose is all of these things, a breathtakingly elegant, beautifully understated rose par excellence meant for the woman who never chases trends but instead is in complete control of her own personal style.

Le Rose, as you might imagine, opens with a sole focus on rose, and this one is lusciously delicate: fresh, lightly green, natural, and rich without ever seeming overpowering. Indian sandalwood enhances the rose's woodsier and creamier aspects, while a base of sheer white musk projects a lighter-than-air sexiness that lingers for hours. Le Rose is too straightforward to have a whole bunch of tricks up its sleeve- but this beautifully simple floral proves that one perfect trick is often all you need.

Le Rose  Notes: Rose, Indian sandalwood, musk.