Fragranza calda, che avvolge di mistero chi la indossa. Ha note agrumate di Bergamotto di Calabria e di Cedro del Texas ma con cuore sensuale di Patchouli, cacao, Laudano e vaniglia, resi più forti da note maschili come il sandalo e il vetiver.

Cozy, squishy and wonderfully unique, all we need to say is ‘cocoa, vanilla and woods' and you'll understand why Lei is one of the most beloved stars of Mazzolari's line. Comforting sandalwood and a touch of cedar are at the base, while a dreamy, non-sweet blend of cocoa and soft labdanum are at its heart. A light dash of bergamot teases with its presence, while a whisper of Indonesian patchouli lends depth. Unusual and sexy, Lei is full of mystery, yet cloaked in a familiar, gorgeous softness.

Lei  Notes: Cocoa, labdanum, vanilla, patchouli, woods