Nelle note di testa un fiore d'arancio solare e luminoso, come un'ode alla luce. Nelle note di cuore, l’assoluta di gelsomino, mitico fiore della profumeria, dona alla fragranza voluttà ed eleganza. Ad essa è associata la nota di un patchouli moderno e puro. Nel fondo, l’accordo legnoso di cedro conferisce carattere e persistenza, mentre il miele di rosa rende la composizione davvero irresistibile.

Mazzolari has always been a brand that walked seamlessly between the worlds of elegant, historic-minded perfumery and creative, modern fragrance, but how exactly does one embody this duality within a single fragrance? If you're talking about Sofia, the answer is to present a traditionally beautiful fragrance with an unexpected honey rose kicker that leaves just enough room between notes for the wearer's natural body chemistry to play a role. Sweet orange flowers meet a vibrant, sexy heart of jasmine and patchouli. The dry down of stout, lightly masculine cedar and sumptuous rose's honey adds life to the elegance, labeling the wearer as a woman not to be typecast. Playful and pretty, yet powerful and unexpected, Sofia is as full of delightful contradictions as we hope all modern renaissance women aspire to be.

Sofia  Notes: Orange flowers, jasmine, patchouli, cedar, rose honey.